Welcome: Kelliane


Please welcome to the team Kelliane.

Kelliane first joined Coworking Nomads as a Marketing Intern whilst studying at Lille University a couple of months ago. We now see Kelliane start as our new Business Development Manager.

We thought we’d let her introduce herself 

I am Kelliane a 24 year old girl from France, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and I am currently based in London. 

I am passionate about Marketing, Sales, new technologies, art and cinema. During my free time I enjoy discovering the different areas of London and go looking for the hidden gems of the city.

What attracted you to work with Coworking Nomads?

The main reason that attracted me to work with Coworking Nomads is the fact that labour market has been changing a lot during this last ten years and will keep changing.

Indeed there is more and more entrepreneurs, digital nomads as well the new generation that tends to run away of the traditional office space. I therefore like to participate in this change of work by helping Coworking Nomads answering to this growing community in demand of more and more spaces!

What do you think of the world of Coworking?

The World of coworking is amazing as it can offer many possibilities that we can’t have in a “typical desk”

As for example the possibility of enhancing our effectiveness at work. 

I equally think that coworking spaces are more effective due to the energy and mindset adjustment that is generated by the interaction between people.

It also permits to meet new people and as the same time do networking without any effort.

Finally and maybe the most important reason is that coworking lifestyle permit to easily travel the world! Indeed it is now possible to find coworking space in every corner of the world! 

What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to seeing the expansion of coworking spaces during the next few years. I truly think that is the most adapted and conscientious way of working today. 

Tell us something about yourself?

I am an unconditional fan of Italy.  

Whenever the opportunity arises I am buying a ticket plane and I am spending some more time in the wonderful country.

So after discovering Florence, Pisa, La Spezia and Livorno, I am really looking forward to going to my next destinations, which will be Venice, Rome and Verona!