Coworking Trends for 2020


The coworking market is continuously growing, attracting millions of freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses each year. The idea of coworking spaces has grown into an industry, with more than 3 million workers across the world (GCUC).

There is a transition from the traditional approach of sitting at a desk all day long, to a more convenient and flexible approach, where individuals can work, but also socialise and build networks, particularly valuable for start-up businesses. This article reveals key trends in the industry that you should expect as we head into 2020.

Adoption of IoT and Automation in the workspace management

The rapid development of technologies and the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping people’s needs at work. People are now more demanding, looking for a more efficient and comfortable working environment with access to latest technologies. Smart devices, high speed Internet connection and motion sensors will be adopted, which will allow for a remote regulation of lighting, temperature and humidity enabling a more consistent management of the working space. Coworking managers are therefore expected to integrate latest technologies into the workspace to boost productivity and to create a seamless office experience for potential coworkers.

Integration of Space Management Software

The digital age in which we are living in also allows for the creation of space management software, which provides valuable control opportunities for coworking managers. With its adoption, they can effectively assess how their office is being used, which rooms are mostly booked, and this can help them identify current trends, opportunities and areas for improvement.

External Meetings

Meetings arranged at external locations are becoming increasingly popular. More and more companies take advantage of booking external meeting rooms, which offer facilities they don’t have, or they use them as a change in scenery for breakout workshops. As such, high-tech serviced places are found highly convenient and suitable for any business to host a meeting, and impress partners, clients, investors or even potential employees. The wide variety of coworking spaces available on the market can meet the individual needs and aims of each business.

Rising Diversity in the Coworking world

There has been a significant increase in diversity in the coworking world. People can choose from a huge variety of office spaces available to match their specific needs. While some spaces are designed for a specific industry, others focus more on the team size and design the atmosphere accordingly. This rising diversity in the coworking world is expected to further increase as we head in the 2020.

The revolutionary innovations and human creativity will continue to drive the future of the coworking world in 2020. Businesses of any size and type are tapping into the coworking market, looking for new opportunities and possibilities for progression, networking and collaboration. This growing demand for shared offices triggers the development of more coworking spaces matching the changing needs of tech-savvy workers. All they need to do is to find the ‘dreamed’ coworking space to fulfil their business needs and goals.

Written by: Mihaela Valkanova